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The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Every person and every organization should have an elevator pitch (EP). We have all heard of the elevator pitch–the short, succinct, less-than-60-second explanation of an organization’s who, what, when, where and why. In my opinion, from a marketing perspective, the “why” of an elevator pitch is the most important.  It...



We start with the end in mind. We work closely with you to clearly understand your business,  strategic goals, and desired results. We translate that into a creative, compelling marketing strategy uniquely tailored to your individual company.


We bring your strategy to life. We turn your marketing strategy into marketing ‘stuff’–high-impact, integrated marketing communications resources ranging from websites, print materials, blogs, special events, advertising programs, media campaigns, referral initiatives, sponsorship programs, community involvement and more. And you can breathe easy—with our extensive project management experience, we expertly manage it all for you.


We get you from vision to reality. Marketing is only ‘window dressing’ unless you can deliver on its promise. We help you develop in-house processes, systems, and structures that enable your employees to fulfill your customer promise–and we integrate these new approaches right into your operations so they simply become part of ‘the way you do business.’


We ensure you experience measurable results! Remember we said we ‘start with the end in mind’? We help you track the tangible outcomes and key success indicators of your marketing efforts, to make sure you’re meeting your mark and achieving your strategic business goals.
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We collaborate. Our primary role is to serve as your strategic advisor, project manager, and creative director. We think strategic and are laser-focused, cost-conscious and efficiency-oriented.