Behind every great company is a team of talent.  Meet some of the talent that make our clients shine and why I love working with them!

Who:  Kat Geismar
What:  Web developer extraordinaire
Where:  Vancouver, BC
When:  From the days when she pointed out that there were just so many web sites that sucked and her mission was to destroy the web villains.
Why:  Kat always sees things from the client’s perspective and can guide the team to ensure design is on point both creatively and technically.

Words of Wisdom:  “Andrea is a tough cookie who knows how to get the job done. She’s a straight shooter who won’t waste a minute of time, working tirelessly to provide sound, cost-effective solutions that drive business objectives forward. As a web developer it’s always a pleasure to work with someone who collaborates so well, yet still trusts her team to get the job done without any micro-management. If you want solid, strategic and sound solutions for your business, hire AMP IT UP”.
– Kat Geismar, Principal, Crank Web Work.

Trevor Brady Photography, Collaborator, Ampitup

Who:  Trevor Brady
What:  Photographer by day, skateboarder by night
Where:  Vancouver, BC and the world
When:  I knew Trevor before he was a famous photographer
Why:  He is so low key, but with a razor sharp eye for creative photography,
there isn’t room to be stressed around Trev.

Who:  Dougal Muir
What:  Designer & Creative Director
Where:  Pender Island, BC Ferries and Vancouver Film School
When:  Too long
Why:  Because every project needs ‘the disturber’.

Words of Wisdom: “As an account manager and project manager, Andrea is a dream to work with. Her strength is the ability to make her business become an integral consultant and advisor to her client’s team. She then becomes an evangelist for their product or service and takes ownership of the marketing strategy, communication strategy and brand strategy.

If you are lucky enough to work with Andrea either as a client or, like me, as a consultant, you will be thrilled with her endeavour, business savvy and tactical organization.”
– Dougal Muir, Designer & Creative Director

MIchele Pankratz

Who:  Michele Pankratz
What:  Writer & Editor Supreme
Where:  Hangs out with the scholars around UBC
When:  Since our kids were 3 years old.
Why:  Because she writes like a ninja, and worked for Arlene Dickinson (Dragon’s Den). We have to have some celebrity draw!

Words of Wisdom:  “I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Andrea Potter on a variety of projects and initiatives over the past 7 years. I say ‘yes’ in a heartbeat to any opportunities to work with her. She’s an exceptional project manager who keeps projects on track, on time, and on budget. And she’s a sharp, out-of-the-box marketing strategist who identifies unique opportunities to strengthen brand recognition. Most importantly, she knows how to operationalize a marketing strategy and translate it into ‘the way a company does business,’ in order to optimize revenues and return on marketing investment.”

-Michele Pankratz, Principal / Sr Consultant, CHANGES Consulting Ltd.

Who:  Connie Chang
What:  Web Development Specialist
Where:  Vancouver, BC
When:  We crossed paths being do-gooders with one of our favorite organizations – Dress for Success
Why:  Connie is no nonsense, and is a hybrid type of gal. She creates amazing graphic design projects for both print and digital;  and can also program rockin’ websites. She has a philosophy of building from scratch.  What you get is a site that is beautiful with clean code that is easy to navigate.

Words of Wisdom:  “No nonsense here!  We work well together because there is no time for chit chat!  We both value good clear communication and to get the job done.
– Connie Chang, Founder & Principal, Type C Consulting