Team Synergy – key to successful website builds

The key to any project management role is to ensure the individual team members have good synergy. Achieving this in the day of busy schedules, multiple priorities and team members who are all located across the planet can be challenging. With good planning and a central management tool, synergy can be achieved which results in a superior project deliverable.

There are 5 key strategies to achieve team synergy:

1. Excellent communication
2. Adherence to deadlines by each team member
3. Full investment in the team and the project
4. Clear responsibilities
5. Only one captain: the project manager!

Synergy is about bringing together individual talents and ideas so that the whole is greater than each contributor. At AMP IT UP, we really take a look at the personality of the client, the corporate culture, the vision, and the budget and then we put together the best individuals to work towards the end game – a website, a newsletter, or an advertising campaign.

When the right team is put in place it is wonderful to witness and the end results are fabulous. Each individual enjoys the work, has pride in their contribution, and the deliverable to the client is outstanding. Not to say there are never bumps in the road, because a project always has problems to solve. But if the team has synergy, it is much easier to find timely solutions.

When assembling a team, it is important that everyone is on board with the tools, methodology and time lines. I prefer not to let geographic boundaries stand in the way of working with the best people, so we use a cloud program to manage the projects. In our case, we use Basecamp to manage the project, communication and deliverables. Clients can also be involved at different degrees through Basecamp creating greater efficiency and less expense. It also provides a history and central repository for everything completed on a project.

Websites don’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you have the right team in place all rowing in the same direction a fantastic website can be created. Synergy really equates to individual satisfaction and stellar design without breaking the bank.