The Victory of Awards

Are awards needed to validate our work? Yes and no. On September 10, I attended the Legal Marketing Association’s HELM Award dinner with our client Lorne MacLean, Q.C., and Izabella Roam of MacLean Law. It was a sweet victory to see the grin on Lorne’s face when MacLean Law won two awards. The awards are a culmination of developing a solid brand strategy and a marketing campaign to promote the firm with a clear message about who they are and what they do in family law. Yes, it is nice to win awards and get the validation from our peers, but the real win for us is that we have seen such outstanding results because of the rebrand, the marketing strategy, the new website, and various print campaigns. The firm is growing in leaps and bounds and is on a mission to add more senior lawyers to their family practice.

legal marketing awards

Lorne MacLean Q.C. MacLean Law. Helm Award Winner

MacLean Law awarded two legal marketing awards

At the 10th Anniversary Legal Marketing Association Dinner & HELM Awards, MacLean Law took home two awards for excellence in legal marketing, both for the categories of identity and digital marketing. Over the past two years we have helped MacLean Law focus on a  brand strategy plan that showcases the firm’s talent – lead by Lorne MacLean, Q.C. The entire strategy was born from Lorne’s philosophy of people over paper.

Building a brand identity

After undertaking an entire brand strategy, it was important for the firm to focus on elevating their presence in the marketplace, with potential clients and with other lawyers and professionals.

People over paper – showcase the lawyers

Family legal matters can be very emotional and clients are not only looking for a lawyer, but a confidante. It was key that the firm highlight the group of lawyers for who they are as people, not just their legal expertise (which is important too!).

The entire website was rebuilt from the ground up employing professionals who had expertise in responsive web design, copywriters, and one of Vancouver’s best photographers. The firm is very proud of this innovative presentation of each family lawyer that really showcases who they are as a person.

Targeting the right market

In order to ensure that the reputation of the firm was equated with the new brand visuals, the second priority was to develop a print advertising campaign that focused on the client – not on the lawyers. The Storm Series was a very successful print campaign in the Business in Vancouver (BIV) newspaper. The campaign strategy was to speak directly to BIV’s readership, with one simple but compelling underlining message: MacLean Family Law will help protect your assets in a divorce or other family matter. This ad campaign was notable because it showcased the client and not the firm’s lawyers. The images are large, colourful, and people-focused. It clearly puts the client front and center, an approach that reflects the firm’s core values.

AMP IT UP is not just one person. It is a group of talented Vancouver entrepreneurs who work on contract consulting gigs because they enjoy the thrill of delivering outstanding creative work that helps small to medium sized companies elevate their presence in the marketplace and ultimately increase revenues.

Special thanks to Chris Neary of Frank Advertising. Many thanks to the team that worked cohesively to bring Chris’ brand strategy to life. You can find the talent here.